Storify gif

I did my wikipedia research on league of legends. i chose league because it is the game i play most often, and my favorite. the revision history was mostly filled with updating the page with the games current updates such as new names of monsters, or new objectives/modes. honestly thats exactly what i thought i would find. The talk page was mostly requests to update to the current patch of the game or asking to use different updated, in-game vocabulary. i thought it was cool that people were updating the vocabulary for those to understand what people who play the game call certain things.


I think overall fandoms are really weird. i mean there can be cool things like really good art that comes out of it but mostly, its really weird things that come out of the fandoms. i think creators should encourage these because honestly its just advertising their product and supporting it. I think the fans own the fandoms and the author owns the original extensions because i think the work belongs to who made it. i don’t participate in these fandoms because i just find it really weird and creepy. i’m also not a teenage girl(a Majority of fandoms are made by them). i just find it odd that you are fantasizing with a fictional character and its obviously something I just don’t get.

Scary future

I don’t remember exactly how we came up with the idea, but once we did we all agreed it would be fun to do and we were going to do it. I do think the narrative can and WILL happen. I mean in Japan they already have the dolls looking extremely life like so why would they stop there if they create artificial intelligence to put in them?

digital dystopia

I think the most creepy article to me is the article about digital dystopia. its about how the government tracks nearly every thing you do to catch crimes and other things or as the article says “Internet sites track the spread of extremism like the CDC tracks a lethal virus”. its the most creepy to me because i fell like it relates to me the most. The government literally tracks everything you do and honestly can do what they please with the information. I also feel like at some point this tracking could limit our freedom of speech online, and that to me is truly scary.


Overall i’m all for anonymity. I think a person should be able to remain anonymous if they please. although it can lead to some negatives, it leads to far more positives. For example in the Yik Yak reading, a kid was being bullied until others saw and “the community then came to the rescue supporting the “pink hat guy” and made him a bit of a campus celebrity”. And most use the app just to vent things like “complaints about homework or the cafeteria selection or other apps or the weather”.(from the anonymous messaging in colleges) My project is going well so far and is looking good.

Social media adds

I found that in my social media i really dont get too many adds probably due to my lack of activity on these sites. But the adds i do get tend to be related to things i have previously liked. for example on facebook i like the NFL and i get a lot of football related adds. the only adds i tend to click on are the sponsored facebook videos that grab my attention, other than that i dont tend to click on adds. I think the adds are effective, i just tend not to click on them. I wasnt suprised at all about how these companies are using our data.

our online identities after we are gone.

I think we should be able to archive as much of our online identities as we want. I think this shouldn’t be controlled by anyone other than yourself. I think all our identities are personal information and unless in the terms of service of the social media site you are using you should be able to keep it all or keep none of it, your choice. I’m rarely ever active on social media so i don’t have any back up plans nor do i plan on getting any. I think that once we go the content of our online identity should be kept or demolished as the person wishes.

Our website

i didnt do much to the site because i dont plan on using it too often and dont want to give too much information. I stuck with the theme you gave us because i like how clean and pretty it is. The only other links i put on the site are to my student email, facebook and twitter.

offline vs online

Offline and online behavior are two different things. I present my self totally different online then offline. Offline I tend to be more respectful. I pay attention to what I say and how I approach different things to different people. Online however, I tend to not really think about what I’m saying. an employer should know what kind of life you live and if your responsible or irresponsible. I would share any of my social media accounts to avoid suspicion with my employer and i dont post anything anyway.