Exam ?’s

My three exam questions I submitted are here:

  1. Do you think that the government should have the right to restrict/look at what we search as part of our “safety”?(mark kincaid)

59. Do you believe that the internet is an unsafe place for women?(mark kincaid) 

61.Do you think that the amount of online interaction that occurs in todays world effects how we interact in real life?(mark kincaid)

Craap test, project format.

I have preformed a crap test for my first source (BESSIÈRE, KATHERINE. The Ideal Elf: Identity Exploration in World of Warcraft. Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., 1 Aug. 2007. Web. 21 Sept.). The currency is a little old but for my article I Believe it will do just fine. The article is very relevant to my topic ( World of Warcraft profiles Vs. Facebook profiles). The author looks like she knows a lot about the subject. The book also looks accurate, from what I can see. And the purpose of the article is definitely to inform the audience. My final thoughts of this week really are just how this article reminded me of how lucky i am to live in a free country and wondering how different life would be if i lived in a place like china that restricts things we find as basic human rights here in america. I’m definitely doing a prezi for my project. I think ill definitely use JuxtaposeJS and the way back machine to compare the two sites i’m using. after fiddling around with the two programs they are very easy to use and i think will make my prezi much more interesting.

satire and its power

This weeks topic is about internet satire and its powers. internet satires can be found nearly any where on the internet. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and nearly any other social media site out there. I honestly think internet satire is one of the most powerful things on the internet. Maybe not here in America but especially in places like china where there is no freedom of speech its a way for people to talk about corruption within their country and what needs to change and how. A recent internet satire I’ve seen was about the boy who had been arrested for having a clock on a plane and the boy received lots of gifts from different companies and other places, and the photo said “Maybe i should get arrested so i can get free stuff”. The photo was criticizing how harsh the government can be sometimes and how quickly they try to make up for it. My questions are how do internet satires originate, and who are the ones to originate them?

My Final Topic, wrapping up Gender week.

For my final topic I have chose to use League of Legends profiles Vs. Facebook profiles. I chose this topic because I think I will find a lot of interesting information inside of it. Being a gamer myself I am kind of excited to see weather or not ill find exactly what I expect or be totally shocked by my discoveries. my first source will be from this Scholar article.

BESSIÈRE, KATHERINE. The Ideal Elf: Identity Exploration in World of Warcraft. Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., 1 Aug. 2007. Web. 21 Sept.

2015 my pikktograph is here https://magic.piktochart.com/output/7948149-fuc-vs-twitter. My final thoughts on gender online is that i think both sides are a little bais but there is defenitely a problem we need to solve.

Gender and social media

This weeks articles where about gender equality online. As an online gamer myself and a person who spends a lot of time on the internet I was quite shocked at what I was hearing. I knew of the average internet trolls, but these people went to crazy extents to really violate these people. Although, I found one of the articles quite biased due to not having a word about the counter argument I enjoyed this weeks readings. On twee-q I didnt discover much because I really don’t use social media much other than the casual scroll through facebook. So on twitter I dont have any retweets myself. But overall I see that mainly men are the ones that do most of the retweeting. I think this is a result of men retweeting revealing pictures of women or plain simply there are more men on twitter. Yet again this is probably inacurrate because of my lack of knowledge on twitter.

My final topic and format

For my final topic I will be using Gamer profiles Vs. Social media. I need to narrow it down a little more so I can find sources that are more accurate but im not quite sure on how I want to do so. I think I want to do my project in a Prezi. My final thoughts on the articles are that how you customize your avatar and profile really says more about you than you might think. My first source: Social Profiles and Social Behaviour and Attitudes towards Gaming and On-Line Gaming in Spain (n.d.): n. pag. Web

My group work, my three topic ideas.

Today in class my group worked on the topic of what our lives would be like if we lived in 2005. We discussed the topic and plan on focusing on music and some social media sites that were on the rise back then. The three topics I am considering are Gamer profiles Vs. social media profiles, how socializing has been changed by technology, and why do we follow/friend strangers online?

life in different centuries

If i lived in 1705 i feel like my life and identity would be defined by what trade I did to help the colony I was living in grow. In 1805 my life would probably be defined by how I helped my families farm. In 1905 my identity would reflect what factory I worked in. And finally in 2005, my identity would reflect what music and interests I had.

Source: http://www.onthisday.com/