satire and its power

This weeks topic is about internet satire and its powers. internet satires can be found nearly any where on the internet. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and nearly any other social media site out there. I honestly think internet satire is one of the most powerful things on the internet. Maybe not here in America but especially in places like china where there is no freedom of speech its a way for people to talk about corruption within their country and what needs to change and how. A recent internet satire I’ve seen was about the boy who had been arrested for having a clock on a plane and the boy received lots of gifts from different companies and other places, and the photo said “Maybe i should get arrested so i can get free stuff”. The photo was criticizing how harsh the government can be sometimes and how quickly they try to make up for it. My questions are how do internet satires originate, and who are the ones to originate them?

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